Love Analytics, Crazy About Football? World Cup 2018 Data Science Predictor

World Cup 2018

The highs and the lows of the World Cup are nearly here. Who are you supporting? And how will your team do? 

The team here at TIBCO loves football, too. So we thought, what could be better than using data science and beautiful visualizations to predict the 2018 winners. And then we thought we’d share this with you because it combines your passion for football with data science.

A team of our best data scientists identified the individual players with the highest performance and the historical performance of each team to find the most promising team for the title.

In this webinar, with a Spotfire license or by simply downloading the trial version, attendees will receive access to a Spotfire (DXP) file with all our player and team data ready to explore.

Join us on the road to the World Cup!

World Cup