Keys to Self-service Success: How to Empower Business Users without Losing Control


Self-service analytics executed correctly can improve business decisions and inspire a more data-driven culture. It can also allow the IT department to focus on more valuable activities instead of generating custom reports for business teams. But when there are no communication or governance policies in place, the result is thousands of reports often with conflicting metrics (a.k.a. a big mess).

To avoid this, Eckerson Group has conducted TIBCO-sponsored research to help you find the right balance between user empowerment and corporate governance. Watch this webinar to learn more about how to build a successful self-service analytics strategy. 


  • The evolution of data analytics from simple BI to AI-driven analytics
  • The federated organization and push-down development 
  • Report governance and custom access paths
  • How a robust data platform accelerates self-service
  • How to measure success with self-service KPIs