An Integrated Discussion: How Heathrow Airport and Blendtec are succeeding with Data Integration

SAMS Virtual Round Table - 07_23_2020

TIBCO Software and Strategy & Management Solutions (SAMS) have joined with thought leaders from Heathrow Airport and Blendtec to get tips and learn how they're both leveraging enhanced data and integration capabilities to improve customer experience and the operations of two very different organizations and industries.

Get the chance to learn the best enterprise data integration practices to: 

  • Create alignment 
  • Avoid data silos
  • Thrive with more insightful data 
  • Give frontline business users more control over data
  • Free your IT resources to focus on more critical business aspects
  • Maximize your return on investments

Our panelists include:

Leanne Lynch, CIO/CTO, Heathrow Airport

Leanne joined Heathrow Airport last year as the director for digital services to establish a new department that will deliver the technology enablers and operating model to support Heathrow’s digital and data strategies. She has held positions across Telecommunications, Internet, and FMCG, and led development and execution of IT strategy to support business transformation. Her success is due to her ability to weave ideas and talent to bring needed deliverables and to ensure those involved understand the transformation purpose and have fun along the journey.

Neil Shelley, Integration Team Lead, Blendtec

Neil’s commitment to Blendtec and his experience in the consumer goods industry spans 24 years. As an integration team lead, his forward thinking mindset has led the company to overcome its integration and process improvement challenges. Neil's innate ability to creatively solve problems, drive results, and think strategically has allowed him to leverage enhanced data and integration capabilities to improve customer experience and business agility.

Staci Redmon, Founder & CEO, Strategy and Management Services (SAMS)

Staci’s energetic leadership, passion, and vision has propelled SAMS to the transformation and digital solutions provider it is today. The company helps organizations improve operations and enhance customer experience using advanced technology to securely integrate, and fully optimize, systems, data, and devices.

Michael Johnson, Director, Client Innovation & Strategy, Strategy and Management Services (SAMS)

Mike has over 15 years’ experience growing revenue and improving the operations of small and large organizations through the introduction of new products, services, and technologies. He leads the client innovation/solution creation, business development, and marketing efforts at SAMS. Prior to joining SAMS, Mike launched over 20 new products or services, and oversaw many more internal operational improvements as an innovation leader, consultant, marketer, and entrepreneur across multiple industries. 

Gene Arnold, Solutions Consultant, TIBCO Software Inc.

Gene Arnold is a Sr. Sales Engineer at TIBCO Software and has been in this field for over 20 years. He has a background in CRM, embedded BI and system integration. Currently Gene is focused on the TIBCO Cloud product suite and helping customers with their digital transformation goals.