Insurance Innovation: A revolution in pricing, product, and profitability

Exploring future pricing strategies and product innovation in a competitive insurance landscape.

Insurance Innovators Webinar

As the insurance industry marches towards a customer-driven and technology-enabled reality, competition is becoming fierce.

In this panel discussion, hear senior industry experts examine ways that insurers can reassess their product and pricing strategies to ensure long term ROI, and ultimately, a competitive advantage.

Tune in to explore:

  • How products are evolving to meet changing customer needs, and how pricing and underwriting departments must respond.
  • Tools that insurers can use to better identify, attract, and retain the most profitable customers.
  • How insurers can effectively harness advanced data analytics technology for excellence and efficiency in underwriting.
  • Data privacy attitudes and the regulatory landscape and how insurers can encourage consumer trust and handle data appropriately.
  • Real-time risk profiling and increased personalization to tap into benefits for both insurers and customers.
  • For renewals to cross-selling, how dynamic pricing leads to increased profitability.




  • Lindley Gooden, Journalist, Filmmaker & Broadcaster
  • Michael O'Connell, Chief Analytics Officer, TIBCO Software
  • Frederik Borgers, Head of Pricing International, UNIQA
  • Antton Peña, Founder, Flock Cover
  • Jon Holtan, Executive Officer and Head of Product, Data and Analytics, Fremtind