How TIBCO Digitizes the Customer Journey for Banking

How TIBCO Digitizes the Customer Journey for Banking

For all successful financial institutions, the customer is at the heart of everything. Happy and loyal customers drive higher revenues, and an intelligent customer experience drives satisfaction. Adapting to changing customer preferences can help your bank get ahead.

With the customer journey becoming crucial of every bank’s digital journey, finding the right solution can be challenging. In this webinar, our Asian Banking experts at TIBCO talk about how we tackle these challenges through three key capabilities: 


1) An engaging omni-channel customer experience

2) Churn management via early warning alerts

3) Behavior-driven profiling and next best action



Ashwin Datla

As a part of TIBCO’s Global Presales Team, Ashwin works to ensure that TIBCO retains its competitive edge in today’s digital landscape. Through thought leadership and partner engagement, he champions TIBCO implementations for best-in-class solutions across multiple verticals, including Banking, Healthcare, and Oil & Gas. He is passionate about integration, API management, advanced analytics, and all things digital.