How to Execute Effective Engagement Techniques to Accurately Anticipate Customer Needs

Amongst the biggest challenges retailers face, is delivering what customers truly want, without playing the guessing game.

We have launched this webinar series with Raisa Mahomed, associate VP, strategic engagements at BCT – who puts customers, not at the periphery, but at the very heart of engagement strategies.

Join Raisa for a one hour workshop where you will learn how to generate actionable insights based on new age customer demands and expectations.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Monetise existing data by offering personalized customer offerings and delivering exceptional customer experience
  • Capitalize on crucial decision-making moments in-store, based on location analytics
  • Track and correlate customer engagement across multiple channels, anticipating customer expectations

Success with TIBCO:


In electricity consumption via analytic-driven asset utilization


Thousands of data points per car, per second understood with TIBCO Spotfire


Crewmembers who access and use Spotfire dashboards

18–24 HOURS

To spot patterns in new data

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