How Businesses Build Resilient Supply Chains to Deliver your Holiday Packages


Today everything is connected and every participant in a global supply chain must access data—so it’s essential to lower the barrier between artificial (AI) and human intelligence.

With open source at the core—and democratized, self-service business intelligence—your organization can shift from reactive to proactive supply chain management. An AI digital twin allows you to predict future system states, anticipate problems, model alternative scenarios, and choose an optimal solution.

Building a resilient supply chain requires connecting all your data wherever it is, unifying it, applying AI for insightful decision-making, and automating manual processes. With TIBCO combining real-time supply chain awareness with contextual data, you can alert the right people of potential problems, pre-empt congestion and emergencies, and optimize your operations.

Join us to learn how TIBCO helps companies: 

  • Forecast product demand based on historical sales data and promotions 
  • Plan for stock levels based on anticipated business 
  • Track store sales in real time to trigger stock re-orders 
  • Optimize routes and deliveries  
  • Track vehicle deliveries in real time