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High Tech Manufacturing Accelerator in Action


TIBCO has partnered with some of the most advanced smart manufacturers in the world to create a fast-start High Tech Manufacturing Accelerator, an open-source, free, smart manufacturing framework to help share best practices and accelerate your adoption of a smart manufacturing fabric.

The Accelerator includes:

  • Analytics dashboards for insight on manufacturing process discovery
  • A streaming analytics application framework to apply predictive maintenance statistical models to IoT sensor data, and
  • Statistical manufacturing model templates.

Watch this short demo video to learn how the High Tech Manufacturing Accelerator can help you apply smart manufacturing models to your factory in days instead of months, or years!

High Tech Manufacturing Accelerator demo

Success with TIBCO:

3 vs. 10-12

Months to develop a real-time system with TIBCO Streaming vs. open source


In electricity consumption via analytic-driven asset utilization