Have Your Data Lakes Turned Into Swamps? Take Back Control!

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Data lakes are a great way to store huge amounts of data and drive business insights, so you might have more than one. But despite their benefits, they have limited governance and weak traceability, lineage, and quality. As a result, many lakes have turned into swamps. How do you take back control to deliver their original promise?

The answer is Data Virtualization!

TIBCO Data Virtualization provides agile data delivery across data lakes, enterprise data sources, the cloud, and more. Whether you have one or more data lakes, TIBCO Data Virtualization provides the layer that lets you institute the types of governed access, security, quality, and lineage you need to take back control. 

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why TIBCO Data Virtualization has proven the best solution
  • How its new massively parallel execution engine enables big data scalability and performance
  • The benefits of a logical data lake
  • Best practices for getting started