Harvard Business Review Webinar Present to Persuade: Storytelling with Data Viz

Harvard Business Review Webinar: Present to Persuade: Storytelling with Data Viz

This webinar follows HBR webinars on data visualization: Better Charts in a Couple of Hours: Sketching to Win, which focused on preparing to create data visualizations, and The Right Stuff: Chart Types and Visualization Best (and Worst) Practices, which looked at the most compelling chart types for different situations.

In Present to Persuade: Storytelling with Data Viz, Berinato will discuss:

  • how data visualizations can be leveraged for major impact when presenting proposals and new ideas
  • understanding how to identify the most important data and building a compelling storyline using a simple storytelling format
  • going beyond just mastery of creating charts and visualization to describe how to apply data visualizations in telling persuasive stories

(About the Presenter: Berinato is the author of the Harvard Business Review article, “Visualizations that Really Work,” and the book, Good Charts: The HBR Guide to Making Smarter, More Persuasive Data Visualizations.)