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Global Electrification: TIBCO Analytics Enables Wind Power around the World

Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) market intelligence expects a 3,260% increase in new offshore wind capacity in the next decade (from 6.1 GW to 205 GW); and despite COVID-19, over $35 billion was invested in offshore wind projects in the first half of 2020.

TIBCO enables wind power around the world with a suite of advanced analytics solutions that inform planning and forecasting, sighting to steel in the ground, operations, and more. In this webinar, learn how TIBCO analytics solutions can help you at every stage of your wind venture, onshore and offshore. 

Key Discussion Topics

  • Forecast intelligence for siting wind farms
  • A glimpse at planning, engineering, and constructing wind farms 
  • Preparations for offshore farms & planning for the future
  • Actionable intel for wind farm operations
  • Q&A
Global Electrification - TIBCO Analytics is Enabling Wind Power Around the World
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