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Global Electrification & Optimizing Renewables:

An Executive Round Table

The global market for wind energy is growing rapidly, projected to be worth $125 billion by 2030. Solar capacity is expected to add a record 15.4 GW to the US grid in 2021 alone. According to the US Energy Information Administration, the "rapid growth of renewables, such as wind and solar, is a major driver in the expansion of battery capacity,” prompting predictions that the capacity of utility-scale battery storage will more than quadruple in coming years.

So how can you get the most out of these opportunities and optimize your renewables projects to ensure profitability?

Join TIBCO Software and Resolute Consulting for an executive roundtable on wind forecasting and renewable energy.

Expert panelists will include:

Britt Burt, Vice President, Research Power Industry, Industrial Info Resources

Britt heads a global team of over 120 power professionals who identify power generation assets and electricity transmission and distribution infrastructure around the globe. Prior to joining Industrial Info Resources, he held positions with Brown & Root, Inc., H.B. Zachry Construction, and Bay Offshore Ltd.

Philippe Roos, Senior Reporter & Analyst, Energy Intelligence (EI)

Philippe maintains EI’s new energy data, focusing on green utilities and levelized cost of electricity (LCOE). As the subject matter specialist for alternative energy, his specific areas of energy expertise lie within power, including both renewables and conventional fuels.

Jeffrey Webster, Partner, Levelsail Trading, LLC

Jeffrey is a founding member and managing director at Levelsail, a specialized energy services and consulting practice offering expertise in risk management, technology, strategy formulation, and regulatory compliance for the commodities and financial sector.  He primarily delivers market risk solutions for renewable generators related to optimization of asset performance, quantification of risk metrics, and evaluation of potential strategies.

RCG Renewable Energy Round Table
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