GeoAnalytics: Maximize the Value of Location Data

Presented by:
Massimo MilanoDirector Solution Consultant, TIBCO Software Inc.
Nicola SandoliAnalytics Sales Manager, EMEA, TIBCO Software Inc. 


GeoAnalytics can help organize resources to reduce costs and view opportunities by providing a more accurate way to manage the flow of goods.  This webinar explains how to display multiple layers of geospatial data and apply statistical techniques and geo-analytic web services.  

Find out how these analysis can improve planning for producers, distributors, and retailers, providing you with the ability to quickly react to changes on demand, demographics, and even in the meteorological context.

Join this webinar to find out how to:

  • Create solutions with embedding clustering, distance calculation, path optimization, geospatial queries, and refinement of geocoding data
  • Reduce risk and improve opportunities
  • Provide better customer service
  • TIBCO Spotfire connects the points on a map using statistical and machine learning functions.
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