Four Trends Driving Business-ready Data in 2021

Constellation Research Edit CREATE-23781

Business-ready data is well defined, trustworthy, readily accessible, and understandable by both experts and business users. What's more, it can be used by various systems and platforms without moving or creating redundancy. Getting data into a business-ready state is often a tall order given that most organizations have both on-premises and cloud systems and sources. Fortunately, emerging technologies are converging to meet today's data challenges, so you won’t have to rip/replace and start from scratch.  

Join this webinar to hear Doug Henschen, vice president and principal analyst at Constellation Research, and Stephen Archut, TIBCO senior product marketing manager explore the key trends driving business-ready data and how to simplify the journey to get there. You'll learn….

  • How data can be made accessible to users through automated data catalogs with collaboration and data glossary capabilities 
  • How metadata management and master data management have evolved to span hybrid and multi-cloud data sources
  • How data can be accessed and integrated virtually without movement or duplication
  • How data governance capabilities have matured to support transparency and policy enforcement requirements