Financial Services: Leveraging Open Source Messaging like Apache Kafka to Enhance Digital Communications Infrastructure

FSI Version Vertical Webinar.mp4

In today’s hybrid world, converging traditional on-premises message-oriented middleware with modern cloud deployments presents significant challenges, especially in financial services, where security is key.  

Watch this video to learn how TIBCO Messaging provides multiple levels of messaging for all your business needs. With options from Apache Kafka and JMS to high performance/low latency, TIBCO Messaging provides the right blend of solutions for your digital transformation.


For this webinar TIBCO’s Messaging experts address challenges in Financial Services, including application flexibility and secure communications for both on-premises and cloud deployments:

  • How to incorporate technologies like Apache Kafka and Eclipse Mosquitto into enterprise architectures and use open source where appropriate. (While open source has become pervasive, supporting and maintaining it is no small task.)
  • How to use messaging to provide a seamless transition from on-premises to cloud architectures.
  • How the business can address the vast range of requirements for messaging needed by differing application groups, for example, low latency to fully transactional.