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Explore TIBCO: May 2020 Key Product Releases - TIBCO Cloud Integration

It’s no secret that technology is constantly changing. New products are released with new features that can help make your processes more efficient and deliver greater value to your customers. In this on-demand webinar, we cover some of the major product updates for the TIBCO Cloud Integration platform.

The platform increases business agility by empowering people in many different roles across your enterprise to intuitively build a responsive, modern application architecture. Updates to the platform are centered around:

Greater Business Agility through Modern Architectures

  • Simple, Intuitive and Immersive new User Experience bringing all capabilities within a single view
  • Unified Connector Marketplace for discovering and using your iPaaS connectors
  • TIBCO Cloud Mesh for automated registry, discovery and reuse of assets across TIBCO Cloud
Explore TIBCO: May 2020 Key Product Releases - TIBCO Cloud Integration
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