Explore TIBCO: December 2019 Key Product Releases


It’s no secret that technology is constantly changing. New products are released with new features that can help make your processes more efficient and deliver greater value to your customers. In this month’s customer webinar, we cover some of the major product updates for TIBCO BusinessWorks, TIBCO Cloud Integration, and TIBCO Spotfire software.

Product details discussed:

TIBCO BusinessWorks 6.6/TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition 2.5
Highlights of this update include major performance improvements and:

  • A preview of hybrid monitoring for multi-cloud TIBCO BusinessWorks application deployment

  • Advanced unit-testing and mocking features

  • New HTTP 2.0 and Prometheus support

  • New, advanced remote debugging capabilities

  • Tips on how to use Service Mesh for managing service interactions using Linkerd and Istio

  • And more

TIBCO Cloud Integration Software 1.33

  • A brief overview of our updates that support connect, integrate, and develop capabilities on Microsoft Azure

TIBCO Spotfire Software 10.6
Highlights of this update will include:

  • New streaming visual analytics for Spotfire Web Clients

  • Interactive AI with insights for marked data

  • New alerting functionality for streaming data

  • Improved data wrangling capabilities