Expert Insights: Four Ways CDOs are Turning Data into Competitive Advantage

CDO Summit Singapore

Data is transforming the landscape of how we live and work, how commerce occurs, how citizens and governments engage, and so much more. The resulting new products, services, and customer experiences have forever changed everyone’s competitive playing field. And the pace of change is accelerating. With data at the heart of every digital transformation, how are leading CDOs overcoming data complexity to turn data into a competitive advantage?

In this presentation, you will learn about the key trends disrupting today's data landscapes and four ways smart CDOs are turning disruption into an advantage, including:

  • Where you can use adaptive data architecture to achieve flexibility across today’s distributed data topologies
  • How you can apply Agile methods to accelerate digital transformation projects
  • Where you can assist your people with AI/ML to overcome data management complexity and address exploding workloads
  • How you can manage your data assets more holistically for higher returns with advanced data management technology