The Experience Economy

Creating New Value for Customers through Experience

HBR Experience Economy

More and more businesses are trying to build  experiences to attract   customers’ time, money, and attention. 

In this webinar from Harvard Business Review, learn how your company can excel at compelling experiences to win customer allegiance and build a more profitable bottom line. Experience and transformation are the basis for business growth and prosperity; this book offers the script for continued value generation through experiences aligned with a strong customer-centric strategy. 

The webinar also helps answer three crucial questions:

  • Are your customers increasing or decreasing the amount of time they spend with you?
  • Do you have to exert ever more marketing and sales efforts to gain the attention of customers, or do the experiences you offer create robust demand in and of themselves?
  • Is the money customers pay you derived entirely from the sale of commodities, goods, and services, or have you found ways to charge for various experiences?