Dutch Webinar: How do you transform into a data-driven organization?

Tibco webinar - Van Datasilo’s naar Datagedreven

This webinar was recorded in Dutch

How do you build a data-driven organization when you are dealing with historically grown data silos and limited internal collaboration? This question is central to this webinar, which uses an appealing Formula 1 practical case from the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team as a guideline.

We will discuss how you can connect historical, recent, and real-time data to make the best decisions in real time, an issue with both technical and organizational challenges, but a prerequisite for becoming a data-driven organization at every level. Think of:

  • Strategic decisions based on integrated knowledge from the capillaries of the organization
  • Tactical decisions to respond to problems before they arise or become visible to customers and employees
  • Operational decisions that enable making the right choices in real time with the aim of increasing efficiency and reducing costs

In this webinar, we provide practical insight into how you can transform into a data-driven organization even if you’re dealing with manual tasks, email overload, fragmented data, poor data quality, limited cooperation, and/or inefficient processes.