Driving Self-service Analytical Applications with Data Catalogs

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The success of today’s digital transformation programs is heavily based on data and analytics. However, as organizations collect and store more data in a variety of forms, and as this data becomes distributed and used across cloud and on-premises platforms, it can be difficult to identify what data is available, the quality of the data, and the consumers of the data.

Without knowing this level of detail, it is impossible to derive maximum value from your data initiatives.  Watch this on-demand webinar to:

  • Discover how to initiate self-service analytics applications through data catalogs.
  • Learn how data catalogs may be used to facilitate the entire analytics lifecycle.
  • Understand the key data catalog capabilities needed to meet the demands of today’s data challenges.

Don’t let a lack of knowledge about data be a bottleneck to achieving your data competency goals.  Gain control and allow people to do more as you move towards the data-driven enterprise.

Biography - Nelson Petracek, CTO, TIBCO Software Inc.:
As the global Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at TIBCO, Nelson is helping to shape the development of TIBCO's emerging technology platforms and products. With over 20 years of experience, Nelson works to deliver solutions for the next stage of digital business, drawing upon his deep knowledge of cloud, blockchain, low-code applications, microservices, and event processing. A strong technology evangelist, he works with customers to identify and define the appropriate use of various technologies and architectures, and advises on best practices and information delivery patterns. Nelson received his Bachelor of Commerce in Computational Science from the University of Saskatchewan.