Development and deployment of Smart Contracts for Enterprise Blockchains

Second in the three-part series on the Project Dovetail™ framework.

The Project Dovetail framework allows for end-to-end design, development, testing, and deployment of hyperledger fabric chaincode. You can also use it to develop smart contracts based on a series of models.

After learning during the first session how to do the initial setup of the project and import a template to start developing chaincode, watch this second session to learn how to:

  • Use the Dovetail UI environment to export an implemented chaincode template as a flow JSON file
  • Generate hyperledger chaincode from that exported JSON file template
  • Deploy a smart contract chaincode

By the end of this three-chapter series, you will know how to set up, develop, export, generate, and deploy a smart contract into a blockchain environment, and invoke it to process new incoming transactions.

Development and deployment of Smart Contracts for Enterprise Blockchains
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