On-Demand: Systems Of Insight – Next Generation Business Intelligence

Forrester Webinar: Sysstems of Insight - Next Generation Business Intelligence

It's impossible to run a large modern business by intuition. In 2018, most enterprises are already data-driven―but that doesn't necessarily mean insights-driven. Are you transforming data into meaningful and insightful information to help make decisions leading to favorable business outcomes? Enter Systems Of Insight (SOI), Forrester’s suggested framework for insights-driven businesses.

In this webinar, Boris Evelson, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Brad Hopper, VP of Product Strategy at TIBCO address the key benefits, challenges and advice for becoming an insights-driven business. Specifically, they explore:

  • Business agility as the cornerstone of competitive differentiation
  • Agile business intelligence (BI) and analytics in support of agile business models
  • Modern BI and analytical tools and technologies needed to support insights-driven businesses