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About this Webinar:

For a long time, “dataviz” has been left to specialists—data scientists and professional designers. No longer.

Watch Scott Berinato, a Harvard Business Review editor specializing in visual communication and discover how to:

  • Present massive amounts of data & communicate ideas more effectively
  • Create good, inspiring smart charts
  • Powerfully convey ideas through effective visualizations

A new generation of tools is out there and makes it easy for anyone to create visualizations that communicate ideas more effectively than spreadsheet charts ever could.

Dataviz: Making smarter more persuasive visualizations

Success with TIBCO:


In electricity consumption via analytic-driven asset utilization


Thousands of data points per car, per second understood with TIBCO Spotfire


Crewmembers who access and use Spotfire dashboards

18–24 HOURS

To spot patterns in new data

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Dataviz: Making Smarter, More Persuasive Data Visualizations

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