Virtual Workshop: Data Management for Understanding Demanding Customers

Data Management for Understanding Demanding Customers

Decisions based on advanced analytics methods might be the primary enablers for the strong business of the future—But, easy data access and clear focus on data quality and metadata management are not always easy to achieve in a culture of data silos and power-protective thinking.

Your path to individualized customer satisfaction, optimized business processes, and faster go-to-market for products and ideas, could begin with this webinar. It will introduce the TIBCO Unify portfolio, the basis for a solid data foundation. Furthermore, Novartis Pharma AG, as an early adopter intensively using Data Virtualization, will explain how TIBCO Data Virtualization supports the daily work of their data engineers, data scientists and business analysts.

In addition, PRODATO Integration Technology and TIBCO show you how to tackle your challenges with:

  • Data Virtualization: A one-stop data access point for 360 degree views of customers, channels, products, and more
  • Master Data Management: Shared and standardized use of data assets, and reference & master data
  • Data Analytics: Fast, relevant insights using self-service data analytics and a flexible interaction with machine learning models


00:03:57: Introduction (Ulrich Hatzinger, TIBCO Software)

00:08:00: Overview - Prodato as solution partner for your data-centric issues (Dr. Michael Daum, Prodato Integration Technology)

00:35:23: Demanding Customers - Excellent IT Strategy (Benjamin Dallinger, TIBCO Software)

00:58:44: Data Management Use Cases (Dirk Schober, TIBCO Software)

01:57:24: Customer Use Case Interview - Data Management at Novartis (Vishal Rosha, Novartis Pharma AG)