Data Shack: Data Science - out of Africa

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As data scientists and business analysts, we are used to solving business problems with analytics. But what if you need to travel days across a desert to a diamond mine, travel out to the world’s largest telescope (mobile phones strictly prohibited!), or wait for a helicopter to take you to work on a deep-sea megaship. 

Welcome to Anni Russel’s world. 

Anni is based in South Africa. A data scientist and is the founder of Data Shack, a TIBCO partner who for over 20 years have provided advanced analytics, consultancy and training across Africa and Asia.   

Join Anni as we talk about the using AI & ML across beautiful but often hostile environments, in this session Anni will discuss projects that include: 

Using data (and AI drones) to help protect one of the world’s biggest diamond miners  

Working with the largest telescope in the world – the Square Kilometre Array  

Helping to protect endangered species, like the African Rhino, with predictive analytics  

So, if you have had a hard day getting into the office, join us as we explore Data Science - out of Africa. 

To read how Anni and data science are changing the world, download this ebook.