Creating a 360-degree view of any data with TIBCO and AWS

2020 Creating 360 Views of AnyData witth TIBCO and AWS (Archut, Chuang Lopez) (1)

During uncertain economic times and business disruption, you have to maximize the value of your data and drive smarter decisions. However, 69% of companies are unable to provide a comprehensive, single view of the customer,* and IDC says that 60% of companies are challenged by data quality and complexity, which complicates data integration, master data management, and governance.

While the focus typically on customer data, if your company is that 60 or 69%, you need to look at the entire enterprise data landscape. How can you get your arms around a 360-degree view of any type of business data: customers, products, employees, locations, assets, inventory, and more?

In this webinar, Jorge Lopez, global lead for data & analytics at AWS, and Conrad Chuang, senior director of product marketing at TIBCO Software, will discuss:

  • AWS’ view on data and growing industry trends
  • How to overcome the challenge of obtaining complete business views in the cloud
  • The benefits of 360° views of any data, and real-world business examples
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to create 360° views

Source: Tear Down Data Silos. Dun & Bradstreet, 2018