Blockchain for Supply Chain: How Real is it?

Bitcoin is a hot topic these days, but the technology underneath this digital crypto-currency can potentially be used to build solutions for industries faced with supply chain inefficiencies. Other than simply recording transactions on a ledger, what other aspects of this industry could be impacted by blockchain? Can smart contracts be used to achieve more automated and streamlined interactions in a secure context? And where do concepts such as IoT and AI/ML fit?

Join this panel discussion with Victoria Brown, Senior Research Manager, IDC Retail Insights, and Nelson Petracek, CTO, TIBCO Software, to hear about blockchain technology, solution offerings, and related concepts such as smart contracts. We will look at how blockchain can streamline supply chain interactions and improve the visibility and trust of these transactions across a network of participants.

IDC Supply Chain_Webinar_EDIT_081518_2.mp4

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