Blockchain: Flying the Friendly Skies

A Discussion on the Use of Blockchain in Airports


According to the newest research released by SITA, Blockchain is fast emerging among airports and airlines as the priority technology for making the travel experience more efficient. The most commonly expected use of blockchain is for passenger identification, with 40% of airlines saying it would offer a major benefit, and more use cases around passenger experience and airport operations are emerging.

Watch this webinar with TIBCO CTO Nelson Petrack presenting:

  • A new business model where the traveller is highly connected. Can a blockchain be used to streamline airport operations and improve the customer experience? Increase security?
  • How can blockchain play a role in passenger identity management? What about issues like privacy, GDPR, and blockchain’s immutable behaviour (meaning no deletes)?
  • What is the role of consensus in an enterprise/permission blockchain deployment? What are some examples?

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