AWS + TIBCO: Adopting Serverless

REVISED SHORT: Adopting Serverless with AWS and TIBCO Webinar

Serverless offers huge potential to transform the way businesses build and architect cloud applications. No need to provision infrastructure or deal with maintenance, updates, scaling, or capacity planning – simply upload your apps to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda and everything required to run and scale your apps is automatically taken care of (including high availability).

Join AWS and TIBCO to understand what a serverless architecture is all about and the benefits of running your apps in the serverless environment.

What we’ll cover:

  • Serverless overview
  • Microservices to functions
  • When and where to use a serverless architecture
  • What TIBCO is doing to ease the transition to serverless
  • Cost savings and other benefits


Chris Munns
Senior Developer Advocate - Serverless, Amazon Web Services

Leon Stigter 
Developer Advocate and Serverless Enthusiast, TIBCO

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