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AWS + TIBCO: Accelerate Your Move to the Cloud With Containers

Join AWS and TIBCO for an in-depth discussion on the use of containers to accelerate your move to the cloud. We will review how to quickly rework your existing integration applications for cloud-native deployments so you can adopt modern application architecture styles for new applications.

By watching this webinar, you will:

  • Understand the various services offered by AWS for storing, managing, and running containers
  • Explore the broad capabilities of TIBCO Cloud™ Integration software as a service for building API-led integrations, and how it offers scalable, flexible deployments using containers
  • Understand how TIBCO Cloud Integration software running on AWS can significantly improve your time to market for your new cloud-native applications
  • See how easy it is to leverage AWS resources such as CloudFormation templates, CloudWatch, load balancing, auto scaling, connectors (S3, SQS/SNS), CI/CD tools etc. when using the TIBCO Cloud Integration system
Building Cloud-Native Integration with TCI and AWS

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