Ask Me Anything Webinar: Model Ops

Analysts report that close to 60% of analytical models never get deployed into business systems. That means all those valuable analytical models that your data scientists create are not actually benefiting the company. That’s why TIBCO has developed Model Ops, a holistic approach for every company to ensure that their data science and machine learning (ML) workflows make it into production. And now, it’s your chance to Ask Me Anything about Model Ops.

Watch this webinar to hear from TIBCO’s data science experts:

1) Ask them anything about Model Ops

2) Understand considerations for deploying data science and machine learning pipelines

3) Hear real-world stories of Model Ops in action

Without Model Ops, your ability to efficiently move analytic models from development into deployment at scale is limited by silos, manual processes, disagreement on how value will be measured, and lack of alignment by key players. This is your chance to learn first-hand about this critical method.


David Sweenor, Global Analytics Leader, TIBCO Software

Ask Me Anything Webinar - Model Ops
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