The Art of Unified Data Management

Presented by Conrad Chuang, Senior Director of Product Marketing at TIBCO

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Trying to connect all your data sources to consistently, intelligently, and securely deliver trusted enterprise information to all consumers can be an uphill struggle, with challenges like:

  • Reducing their data bottleneck - making all their distributed data sources easier to access and use.
  • Transforming data structures into business-friendly formats that conform to their enterprise data model.
  • Integrating master data, reference data, and more, to ensure data consistency throughout your organization

Now, while you strive to meet these challenges, you also need to respond faster to urgent data requirements, reduce data engineering effort, and lower infrastructure costs. But how?

In this webinar, TIBCO expert Conrad Chuang will walk through some fantastic use cases that show how these barriers are being smashed.

Key Takeaways include:

  • How to combat issues surrounding data management
  • Solutions for simplifying business user data access
  • How to effectively share, manage, and govern all key data assets including master, reference, and metadata.
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