Applying Blockchain to Healthcare

Bitcoin is taking the world by storm. In the last year, its value increased roughly 2,000% percent, and there seems to be no stopping it. In itself, bitcoin is an amazing story, but what is even more amazing is the technology behind it. Bitcoin had been around for a long time, but only when Satoshi Nakamoto packaged it in a single solution and called it blockchain, did it become groundbreaking. What’s so amazing is that blockchain allows transactions to be validated and consensus reached by nodes in the network, without any intermediaries.

To stay competitive, safe, and secure in the healthcare industry today, you have to employ ground-breaking solutions to age old problems. And as an industry, healthcare keeps demanding ongoing improvements. There are many reasons why healthcare can leverage blockchain to improve as a whole. Join us to discuss a couple of trends from the industry.

Blockchain: Core Concepts - spanish

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