[AI, ML + Visual Analytics Webinar]: The Beauty and the Brains Ft TIBCO’s Chief Analytics Officer

Visualizing data helps us explore structure and relationships in data, and it provides a basis for communicating information. Machine Learning can be used to systematically comb through data and quantitatively identify patterns. Combining Al and ML with visual analytics can be incredibly powerful! 

Starting with AI / ML, you can reduce high dimensional data to important variables for visualization. Starting with visualizations and visual analytics, it’s possible to identify patterns that can subsequently be tested with rigorous ML methods. Further, AI can be used inside a visual analytics environment to suggest data shaping, variables to explore, and patterns in the underlying data.

This presentation, including case studies and examples, explores this combination of AI and visual analytics methods with reference to TIBCO Spotfire®, TIBCO Spotfire Data Science, TIBCO Statistica and data science environments such as R and Python. In this hands on session you will learn: 

  • How AI can drive BI and visual analytics for rapid insights and data discovery
  • Recent advances in AI and Machine Learning, with visual analytics
  • TIBCO Connected Intelligence, and the ability to sense, learn, and act on your data with Spotfire, Spotfire Data Science, Statistica and TIBCO StreamBase®.
REVISED: AI and Visual Analytics: the Beauty and the Brains

Success with TIBCO:


casino in Las Vegas to go live with cloud-based hotel management


Thousands of data points per car, per second understood with TIBCO Spotfire


Airport information managed by TIBCO

Over $1 million

In projected opportunities

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