AI on Demand: Data Science in Operations

Artificial Intelligence on Demand: Data Science in Operations 

AI is right here, right now—and changing our lives. The ever-present need for business optimisation, combined with a long history of applied statistics, explosive growth in data, and recent advances in cloud computing, has created a perfect storm of innovation. 

Topics that will be covered:

  • Applying AI insights in real-time to enable optimal business decisions
  • Real-world examples of AI-powered recommender systems and anomaly detection
  • How to take advantage of TIBCO’s AI on-demand systems for faster insights and better decisions

Learn about data science.

About the speakers:

Michael O’Connell is the chief analytics officer at TIBCO Software.


Success with TIBCO:


In revenues via price optimization, cross-sell, and fraud detection


Citation fees eliminated for low-income people due to policy changes

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