Add value to your data with maps

Maps are a very powerful tool for searching information. 

Today, maps go beyond static representation: it allows for dynamic navigation and interaction with the data.

Thanks to geointelligence (maps and layers of data put together) you can calculate interactions or correlations between geographical elements and your data, thus make predictions. It is therefore possible, for example, to see your delivery times or the turnover evolve directly on a map by moving the sliders, and thus show their evolutions over time.

During the demo our TIBCO Spotfire expert will show you how to best use maps to visualize your data:

  •  Visualize your revenue on a map; visualize visitor traffic directly on the map of a shopping center, which helps marketing to make informed decisions on the animations to schedule according to the hours and the place
  • Visualize and measure the impact of the implementation of a shopping center on a department or region
  • Communicate the results of optimization calculations to a set of users with a map. 


Franck Leonard, Senior Solutions Consultant, TIBCO Spotfire
Philippe Nieuwbourg, BI Analyst and founder of the Decideo community

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