Accelerating Innovation and Navigating Disruption for Communication Service Providers

TIBCO Webinar - Telco and CSPs - On Demand, No Music

The past two years have changed the communication service provider (CSP) experience into an unprecedented intersection of sweeping disruptions, 5G and IoT, lifestyle-centric demands due to work from home, and continuing advancements in cloud technologies.

Mounting challenges — rapidly reinventing new business models, creating stronger customer intimacy, and achieving operational excellence to remain competitive — are pushing CSPs to drive transformations in organizational units and technology. Agile technologies that afford rapid changes and boost organization-wide productivity through a data-centric self-service culture are heavily favored.

In this webinar, you will learn how leading CSPs are transitioning to become next-generation digital service providers by:

  • Creating highly compelling digital experiences
  • Leveraging cloud technologies to supercharge speed of innovation
  • Operationalizing AI/ML in the customer journey
  • Delivering vertical B2B IoT solutions driven by edge intelligence
  • Pushing the boundaries of digitalization southbound into the network with customer-aware Network Function Virtualization (NFV)