Accelerating Innovation and Navigating Disruption for Communication Service Providers

The past two years have changed the communication service provider (CSP) experience into an unprecedented intersection of sweeping disruptions, 5G and IoT, lifestyle-centric demands due to work from home, and continuing advancements in cloud technologies.

Mounting challenges — rapidly reinventing new business models, creating stronger customer intimacy, and achieving operational excellence to remain competitive — are pushing CSPs to drive transformations in organizational units and technology. Agile technologies that afford rapid changes and boost organization-wide productivity through a data-centric self-service culture are heavily favored.

In this webinar, you will learn how leading CSPs are transitioning to become next-generation digital service providers by:

  • Creating highly compelling digital experiences
  • Leveraging cloud technologies to supercharge speed of innovation
  • Operationalizing AI/ML in the customer journey
  • Delivering vertical B2B IoT solutions driven by edge intelligence
  • Pushing the boundaries of digitalization southbound into the network with customer-aware Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
TIBCO Webinar - Telco and CSPs - On Demand, No Music
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