TIBCO Data Science – Workbench (Statistica) Update & 2020/2021 Roadmap

Delivering Enterprise Value with TIBCO Data Science – Workbench (Statistica). Watch this product update to refine your 2020/21 plans for analytics and data science, and to learn about critical features for success.

Our product management team discusses the TIBCO® Data Science – Workbench product roadmap, and explains how it evolved from the input of hundreds of customers who embrace and scale analytics, machine learning, and AI. Learn about new and evolving features, capabilities, and solutions as you plan your analytics and digital transformations for 2020 and 2021.

Top Takeaways

  • Statistica/Workbench Statement of Direction
    • Visual and governed enterprise analytics through TIBCO Spotfire® integration
    • Improved support for manufacturing, analytics for GxP
    • Improved support for event frames for OSISoft PI Asset Framework
    • Efficiency improvements and new features
  • How TIBCO Data Science software is evolving
  • Looking forward: Managing analytics, ML, and AI enterprise-wide (model operations)
TIBCO Data Science – Workbench (Statistica) Update & 2020/2021 Roadmap
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