TIBCO Statistica Enterprise

The rapid growth of disparate data types and sources has elevated predictive analytics to critical status across all aspects of commercial and government organizations, including marketing, sales, manufacturing, and service functions.

But predictive analytics can take you only so far. While analysts can use predictive modeling and machine learning to detect patterns in historical data and predict future results in a business context, translating those predictions into business action requires a combination of data blending, data discovery, integrated business rules, and rapid deployment into your business.

TIBCO Statistica™ Enterprise integrates data blending, data discovery, predictive analytics, forecasting, text mining, and an embedded business rules engine to deliver prescriptive recommendations to frontline workers and decision-makers. It guides decision-making throughout the organization by prescribing actions and integrating them directly into operational systems.

Success with TIBCO:


In revenues via price optimization, cross-sell, and fraud detection


Citation fees eliminated for low-income people due to policy changes

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