TIBCO Statistica Big Data Analytics

With version 13, TIBCO Statistica™ continues comprehensive support for popular open-source capabilities and tooling for handling unstructured data, big data, and in-memory, and in-database analytics. Statistica provides direct file import from the Hadoop File System (HDFS), and data aggregation workflows can be made into a reusable template with Statistica Enterprise for repeatable analytic and data prep workflows. Statistica can also retrieve data from Apache Hive® and Hive-on-Spark® using Statistica Server and Statistica Monitoring and Alerting Server (MAS).

Download this datasheet for more information and screen shots showing the Statistica Big Data Processing Architecture, supported H2O and Spark ML nodes, and data science workflows that can be implemented as reusable templates.

Success with TIBCO:

3 Months

Time to learn Spotfire and develop the first analysis model

74 Percent

Fewer surgical site infections


Increase in vessels monitored


Reduced fuel consumption for carriers


Citation fees eliminated for low-income people due to policy changes

Download Datasheet