TIBCO Spotfire and OSIsoft PI System Interactive Analytics

TIBCO Spotfire® connects to a vast array of structured and unstructured data sources, and you can combine its capabilities with OSIsoft PI System data to bring new, rich insights into product quality, operations, distributed assets, and the Internet of Things.

What are the true root causes behind machine failures and product quality issues? How should you optimize maintenance to hold down cost and maintain efficiency and output in a safe operating regime? How can you use this new insight to build predictive models that let you intervene early and optimize operations across large fleets of assets?

Download this datasheet to learn about streaming analytics applications in operations and maintenance; how TIBCO® Connected Intelligence generates an understand–anticipate‒act analytical cycle providing analysis of real-time events across all enterprise functions and data sources; and new benefits provided by OSIsoft PI System connectivity through TIBCO StreamBase® and TIBCO Statistica™.

Download Datasheet