TIBCO Service Provider Security Standards

Every TIBCO Service Provider is responsible for protecting TIBCO Assets and must take care to ensure that TIBCO Assets are not misappropriated, loaned to others, disposed of, sold or donated, without appropriate authorization. All TIBCO Service Providers are responsible for the proper use of TIBCO Assets, and must safeguard such assets against loss, damage, misuse or theft. Service Providers who violate any aspect of these Standards or who use poor judgment in the manner in which they use any TIBCO Asset may be subject to termination of their agreement and business relationship with TIBCO at TIBCO’s sole discretion. TIBCO Assets are to be used for TIBCO business purposes only. Service Providers may neither make personal use of TIBCO Assets, nor may they allow any other person to use TIBCO Assets. Each Service Provider is responsible for compliance with the terms of these Standards by its employees and agents. If requested, a Service Provider will certify to TIBCO in writing its compliance with these Standards.

Additional security requirements may be specified in the agreement between TIBCO and the Service Provider. Where such additional security requirements are supplemental to those contained in these Standards, both sets of requirements shall apply; where a security requirement in an agreement conflicts with one contained in these Standards, the more stringent requirement shall apply.

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