How to Put Data at the Service of Operational Excellence or How TIBCO Systems of Insight Improves the Economic Performance of Industry 4.0

More and more companies are responding to industrial challenges by combining IoT, big data, and data science to gain operational excellence. However, these companies face many stability, security, and scalability challenges when industrializing and deploying these solutions on a large scale.

In this interview, Olivier Lebret and Pierre-Jacques Evrard present their vision of how systems of insight help to meet these challenges. These systems bring data visualization, data science, data virtualization, and real-time analytics together within a single platform. They accelerate the development of innovative projects and continuously improve economic performance in industries as part of an operational excellence approach.

TIBCO's System of Insight combines the best technologies of data visualization, predictive analytics, data science, data virtualization, and streaming analytics to meet the challenges of operational excellence. Among its components, TIBCO Spotfire® and TIBCO Statistica™ analytical platforms supplying visual and collaborative interfaces include the machine learning capabilities essential for exploiting big data. Like a digital nervous system, the TIBCO System of Insight platform allows generating intelligence in real time and exploiting it in a continuous learning loop.

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