Analyzing the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, commonly called IoT, could be the most significant technology trend of our era. By enabling equipment and sensors with internet and M2M connectivity, the IoT greatly expands by orders of magnitude the volume of data available for organizations to optimize operations, provide innovative products and services, and manage resources like never before.

However, while the IoT process begins with capturing and aggregating high-velocity data, it is the analysis of this data that provides its real value. Analysis enables organizations to make decisions and take actions in real or near-real time. Unfortunately, not all traditional analytic models and techniques are easily adapted to high-dimensional, streaming data. The very nature and delivery of IoT data will require new analytic workflows and processing architecture to ensure a modern data system remains practical and useful. So, unless a company does something different, the ease of collecting huge quantities of IoT data will quickly outstrip its ability to analyze it.

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