Real-Time Inventory Accelerator

The Real-Time Inventory Accelerator provides value in a variety of use cases across virtually every Industry vertical:

  • Retailers looking to optimize their store inventory and avoid over-stock / out-of-stock conditions;

  • Cable/Telco/Utility Companies - Any company where field service techs need equipment (inventory) in the field to service installations

  • Healthcare - Hospitals have a wide range of assets (inventory) such as wheelchairs or IV Carts that are shared throughout the hospital.  Tracking these in real-time avoids wasteful over-buying of these assets because clinicians lose, forget or hoard these assets.

  • IT - track IT assets such as laptops, projectors, mobile devices

  • And many more!!!

Real-time visibility isn't just for retail!  Every company has some sort of inventory or assets they need to run their business.    These are often tracked in multiple different systems, spreadsheets, paper etc.   This accelerator provides a clean and unified mechanism for integrating all  of the disparate movement events and presents a rich, real-time visualization.  The accelerator is easily accessed and fed inventory events through a simple REST API.   Streaming analytics is used to provide a user-friendly  Live View Visualization of real-time inventory movement and status.  A provided data model (database) is easily populated through the REST API to store detailed attributes about inventory items such as images, item description, model number, SKU etc.  This accelerator can easily be extended to apply business rules for active inventory optimization in addition to just being a passive observer of inventory movement.   Easily integrated with common location based tracking techniques such as iBeacons or RFID.

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