TIBCO Named a Leader in the Forrester Wave for Data Prep

There is a golden rule for analytics and data science. Your results are only as good as the data that you work with. Essentially, it's garbage in, garbage out. That's why it is so important to have high-quality data in order to get meaningful insights from your data analysis. However, attaining high-quality data is not an easy task. Analysts spend 80% of their time cleaning, preparing, and transforming their data just so that it is suitable for analysis. The need for high-quality data has been traditionally underserved by analytics tools in the market, resulting in the rise of numerous standalone data preparation tools.

But, is using a standalone data prep tool the right approach? In certain cases, maybe. But in most cases, probably not. In general, it does not make sense for users to spend 80% of their time outside of an analytics tool and in a data prep tool with a totally different user interface and steep learning curve. That means yet another tool to learn and master which propagates the "analytics is difficult" stigma and leads to gut-instinct decision-making rather than data-driven decision-making by users.

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