TIBCO Streaming Garners Gold From Bloor Research

Bloor Research has conducted an in-depth review of TIBCO Streaming, awarding it Gold.

In this streaming software InBrief, Bloor Research grades TIBCO Streaming software on deployment, architecture, integration, modeling, and other key factors. Bloor’s InBrief also includes quotes from customers.

According to Bloor Research, “TIBCO Streaming is a complete streaming analytics platform, and together with the rest of the company’s  ecosystem, can play an integral part in a comprehensive and holistic analytics solution.”

TIBCO Streaming capabilities that stand out to Bloor Research include:

  • Significant support for integrating machine learning
  • Cloud-native architecture
  • Visualized streaming analytics (via Spotfireanalytics)
  • No-code/low-code development features
  • Deployment options

Bloor Research also notes the value of the TIBCO community, remarking that community webpages provide a wide variety of freely available accelerators (pre-built components) optimized for various use cases and industry-specific needs.

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