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How Embedded Analytics Drives Action and Innovation

A recent report from Constellation Research indicates that to succeed with your digital transformation initiatives, you need to ensure analytics are available within the transactional applications that business users spend most of their time in. Today, most analytics are delivered outside business users’ applications, requiring users to jump back and forth between applications. This slows time to insight and action for users. They can easily forget the question they had or lose their train of thought.

According to the report, the better way is to provide analytics in-context, delivered within the business user’s application.

In the report, you’ll learn:

  • How embedded analytics helps drive digital transformation
  • Examples of digital leaders innovating with embedded analytics
  • What to consider when evaluating embedded analytics

Download a complimentary copy of this report from Constellation Research for a complete discussion of the levels of embedded analytics available, some terrific case studies of this approach from Real Estate to Manufacturing, and the five questions you need to ask to assess using an embedded analytics solution for your organization.

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