Effective Data Management Design Through Data Fabric

Unifying and Controlling Data in 3D: An IDC Spotlight

According to an IDC Data Culture Survey, nearly two-thirds of individuals know they need to make data-driven decisions, yet less than one-third of individuals state that their decisions are, in fact, data-driven.

Why is the importance of having accessible and accurate enterprise data widely acknowledged yet rarely applied?

The problem and answer can lie with your data management design. Some of the challenges stemming from inadequate tools and architecture can be:

  • Inefficient or non-existing access to needed data
  • Limited integration of data with your core capabilities
  • Cumbersome data discovery and manual data entry processes
  • Data that is not business-ready
  • Data environments that don’t support business requirements

Download this IDC Spotlight to learn how a data fabric can help you build a data management solution that supports being truly data-driven.


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